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8 Plant Books to Help You Care for Your Urban Jungle

8 Plant Books to Help You Care for Your Urban Jungle

Whether your a plant daddy or have a brown thumb, learning to live with plants will help bring you a happy, healthy life. In the latest edition of our blog, Flora + Fauna, we profile 8 Plant Books to Help You Care for Your Urban Jungle.

Create Your Urban Jungle

For many plant lovers, an urban jungle helps create a warm and welcoming home that provides an escape from the challenges of our modern world. Plants help reduce stress and make you healthier, too, by absorbing C02 from the air and converting it into oxygen. Plus, the simple task of caring for them will bring you a healthy amount of joy as doing so will help you relax and shake off the stresses of the day. 

If you are not ready to invest in an entire book on the subject, you can read our selection of blogs on houseplant selection and care. In our blog post, 14 Popular Houseplants and How to Keep them Alive, we profile the most popular houseplants and how to care for them. Or you may want to read this article from Better Homes and Gardens, which offers their top picks.

And even if you kill every plant you touch, houseplants (and books about houseplants) make popular gifts.

Coffee, notebook and pothos houseplant

All About Plants

Now that we told you some of the benefits of having plants in your life let's dive into our curated selection of books exploring plants. In between the covers of these plant books, you will find tips on how to use plants in your living space in new and creative ways, as well as the best tips for caring for houseplants.

Several books on our list profile different varieties of houseplants and make suggestions about choosing the perfect plant for the location you are considering. For example, at our online plant store, we offer low light plants that require small amounts or very little sunlight. These types of plants thrive in the typical low-light provided in hallways, basements, and bathrooms. At the same time, we also offer a selection of plants that require bright, filtered light or sunshine to thrive and grow. These plants need a patio, large window, or similar location where they will receive the amount of light necessary to keep them happy and healthy.

Whatever your comfort level is picking and caring for plants, we can help you find a book that will compliment your experience. These books can help you decide which plant is best for your home or office based on the location you have chosen to place your new plant. Let’s dig deeper.

Living with Plants | A Guide to Indoor Gardening by Sophia Lee

Living with Plants details more than 30 different projects to help you with your houseplants. Projects include moss wall hangings, air plants, hanging plants, terrariums, and more. This book has tips and offers sound advice, covering everything from soil, correct watering, fertilizer, and tips to care for ill plants. Discover the plants best for your home or office locations to ensure they thrive. You will also gain insight into how you can use plants to help decorate your space.

Are you looking for a plant requiring little care? Explore our collection of succulent plantings, cactus, and air plants to add some spice to your space.

    The little book of House Plants and other greenery

    This small book contains profiles of sixty of the most popular houseplants including grand palms, leafy ferns, Syngonium, pothos, pilea, and many, many other choices along with specific care tips. Adding to the charm is the beautiful photography used to showcase the various plant species.

    You will find everything you need to know about caring for and grow your healthy plants and expert care advice from watering to light as well as tips on propagation, potting, and pruning. This book is an ideal gift for family or friends who are new to plant ownership as well as those who are experts.

    Plant Society | Create an Indoor Oasis for Your Urban Space by Jason Chongue

    Plant Society is a paperback guide on loving and caring for indoor plants, and so much more. Inside the covers, you will find profiles on 25 ideal tropical indoor plants, categorized by the intensity and work required for their care. Plus, get styling advice on how to use houseplants to decorate your house, room by room. A bonus is the various profiles of “plant people” sprinkled throughout the pages of the book.

    Modern Container Gardening by Isabelle Palmer

    Modern Container Gardening is geared to the indoor gardener who has the ambition to expand their footprint outside with containers. The sub-heading, "How to Create a Stylish Small-space Garden Anywhere" gives a taste of what awaits between the hardbound covers of this 176-page book. Packed with more than 25 gardening ideas and step-by-step instructions, readers will find a range of projects that run from a few hours to a few days in duration.

    A perfect guide for helping the urban gardener use limited outdoor space to create stylish and modern displays, Modern Container Gardening is a valuable book you will return to again and again.

    Green | Plants for small spaces, indoors and out by Jason Chongue

    At nearly 200 pages, Green - Plants for small spaces, indoors and out is packed with useful information to help anyone transform their indoor and outdoor spaces into lush, urban jungles. A perfect resource for choosing the right plants for your climate and space then keeping them alive is the focus of this book. The Plant Society's Jason Chongue mixes style with inspiration to help you add the ideal plants to your patio, balcony, living room, or office.

    little book BIG PLANTS bring the outside in with over 45 friendly giants by Emma Sibley

    The Little Book of Big Plants is another edition of a popular series on plants, cactus, and succulents. This edition is focused on more than 45 popular large plant varieties providing information on how to get the most out of your green friend.

    Along with shopping advice, this little pink book is packed with care instructions, pets, and plants and navigating possible problems you may encounter as a large plant owner. Large plants are an investment and this book is an ideal all-around guide to assist you with your plant choices and day-to-day care instructions.

    Loose Leaf Book

    Loose Leaf | The Art of Plant and Flower Sculpture by Wona Bae and Charlie Lawler

    Loose Leaf: The Art of Plant and Flower Sculpture is a beautifully photographed book; the content showcases stunning organic sculptures made from plants, flowers, and foliage. The theme of these books is getting creative with nature, and the images are breathtaking. This coffee table book is loaded with plant and flower porn and makes an excellent gift for plant and flower lovers. Readers will be inspired by the creative collaboration of Wona Bae and Charlie Lawler, the books co-authors. Bae and Lawler run Loose Leaf, Melbourne’s “foremost floristry business” with a focus on contemporary florals.

    Boys with Plants | 50 Boys and the Plants They Love curated by Scott Cain

    You don't have to love hot guys or plants to appreciate Boys with Plants 50 Boys and Plants they Love. Anybody with an Instagram account will be very familiar with the origin of this book which was born from a mix of sexy guys and beautiful plant photography posted daily on Instagram.

    Boys with Plants will be popular with guests and gay boys alike. If you are looking for a detailed plant guide or reference resources on plant care and propagation, then there are better guides. If your interested in a book that adds some fun and plant eye candy to your home, this is the book for you. 

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