10 Ways to Support Local Business During COVID-19

COVID-19 | Ways to Support Local Business

Economic activity has ground to a halt globally, impacting businesses large and small. It is hard to overstate how devastating it will be for small companies like ours. For us, dozens of events have canceled, and future events are on-hold as nobody knows how long this virus will impact our communities.

Our first priority is the safety of our employees and customers. We have adopted all public health recommendations including wearing face coverings, physical distancing, and constant cleaning of surfaces. We are operating with a limited crew as we gauge the ongoing pandemic one day at a time. You can learn more here. 

But we are not alone. There are businesses across San Diego, like Green, that are facing the same reality as us. Thankfully, we have a loyal base of customers, some, who have been with us since before we opened our Hillcrest location. We are deeply grateful to each of you and hope we can continue to provide you with flowers, plants, or gifts throughout and beyond the current difficult time.

Like learning to greet friends and co-workers with elbow bumps, or air high-fives, we too are adjusting to continue to deliver high-quality flowers and plants during this time of considerable uncertainty. We decided our blog post should focus on ways all of us: you, me, and our families and neighbors could help support small businesses over the next several weeks. We want to help them survive so they can continue to be a part of what makes our community so unique and special. Spending local supports our local community and our local economy.

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So, here is our list: 10 Ways to Support Local Businesses During the COVID-19 Pandemic. If you have an additional suggestion, please send them my way at Carlos@greenfreshflorals.com.

  1. Shop Local-Your local restaurant, pet store, or flower shop will re-invest the money you spend with them in helping the local economy and employing people. Plus, they make the fabric of our community more vibrant and more unique.
  2. Shop Online  Like Green, many local businesses also operate an online store where you can order food, plants, flowers, or dog food. Order online and have it delivered or pick-up curbside.
  3. Have It Delivered  We deliver locally, and many businesses do as well, including restaurants. Stay safe at home and have what you need to be delivered to your door
  4. Use Credit Cards  If you do venture into a retail store or restaurant, use your credit card or debit card. It limits the need to use paper money, and most places have you insert your card into the reader yourself. Thus, you are reducing the risk of exposure.
  5. Buy a Gift Card  One way to show your love is to make an investment today for future purchase by buying a gift card. Most stores will allow you to buy online or by calling the location. It is a great idea and helps enormously.
  6. Order Curbside Pick-Up  If you want to order flowers, we will gladly meet your curbside and save you the time and energy of parking and coming inside the store. Other restaurants and small businesses are also offering curbside pick-up.
  7. Promote local businesses on social media  Spread the word. If you know that your local restaurant or clothing store is open, share the news on social media. Let people know who is open and doing business as many stores are closed. People are looking for open locations, so please share what you find!
  8. Be Understanding  Stores that are open, like Green, are doing so with a skeleton crew, which may impact service quality. From supply chain disruption to added restrictions by public health, our world has become much more challenging to navigate so we appreciate your patience at this challenging time.
  9. Take Care of Yourself  We all need to be kinder to ourselves given the stress we are all under. 
  10. Share a Note of Gratitude  Speaking of gratitude, share it. People helping people during this difficult time is what it is all about. Plus, it will make you feel better, and the person you offer kindness to will be grateful. Thank someone with a note of appreciation. And if you prefer to do so with flowers and a note, we would welcome your business.

Meanwhile, stay safe, wash your hands, sing a song, and go for a walk to get some fresh air. Be kind to yourself. We will survive this, and together, we will be much stronger for it.



PS: Here is my dog Cole who wants to go to the dog park. I hope he brings a smile to your face.

Cole, ready for the dog park

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