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We love giving our customers news and information to help them make important decisions like what seasonal flowers are the best to use in florals for your wedding or event so we offer you our Top 10 San Diego Wedding and Event Flowers list.  As the lead floral designer, I am proud that we are known for our creative use of regional blooms in our Hillcrest plant and flower store. We specialize in creating gorgeous wedding bouquets, boutonnieres, tabletop flower arrangements, wedding, and event floral decor to meet your style and budget. If you have a minute take a look at our wedding portfolio.

At Green, our customers expect the best from us, so we work hard to provide them with the freshest, most fragrant, and beautiful flowers. In San Diego, we are lucky to live close to flower growers whose fields of seasonal flowers like ranunculus can arrive in our store fresh from harvest.  We pride ourselves on using the highest quality product available, so our customers have an exceptional experience with their purchase.  After all, “fresh” is our middle name.

That takes us to our latest blog topic, seasonal flowers for spring that are ideal not only for the freshest floral arrangements but weddings and events as well.  This list provides the top 10 wedding and event flowers that we think are worthy of your consideration and we offer a little bit of extra information to help you make your decision. We are ready and willing to help you navigate your choices so don’t hesitate to call us at 619-544-0504, email us at, or request a personal consultation by filling out the form located on our wedding and event pages.

So let’s get started. First on our list are everyone’s favorites, the sweet pea.

Sweet Pea Flowers

1. Sweet Peas

The sweet pea might be small, but it packs a visual punch. The flower is normally used in bouquets in combination with others or in floral arrangements. It comes in a variety of colors including pink, purple, white, lavender, red, and apricot. The flower is native to Italy and surrounding areas although modern hybrids can grow just about anywhere. They have a sweet orange-jasmine-honey scent.

Handwrapped Fresh Peony Bouquet

2. Peonies

These stunning flowers, when available, make truly elegant arrangements and the fragrant flower is perfect in wedding boquets and centerpieces. The smaller peony buds are ideal for corsages. The many different hues give peony bouquets depth and sophistication. There are six types of peonies native to Asia, Europe, and Western North America.

3. Roses

The rose has over a hundred species and thousands of cultivars. Most species of roses are native to Asia and some to Africa, North America, and Europe. Used widely to create a blooming bouquet that can be instantly stunning in the floral business, roses are the kind of flower that can be ideal for almost any occasion. Roses are available in a variety of colors beyond red and white and consist of large flowers that can grow on shrubs or be climbing varieties.

4. Tulips

Tulips are a classic and a staple of the spring season. Most often found in red, yellow, or white, they come in many different shades of purple, blue and pink as well. Each flower comes on a long green stem with a tapered head, and their lazy, leaning stature only adds to their beauty. Tulips are native to an area stretching from Southern Europe to Central Asia, but they are cultivated almost everywhere now.

5. Ranunculus

Oh, the beauty of the Ranunculus. Sometimes confused for peonies because of their multi-petaled bloom, Ranunculus are another staple of the spring flower season. Ranunculus is a genus of flowers with more than 500 species of plants, but the one more referred to when talking about ranunculus’ is the ranunculus asiaticus, a cultivated form. The asiaticus is native to the Mediterranean region and northern Africa. The flower has a mildly sweet scent and is a protected plant in some regions of the world, including Israel.

6. Lisianthus

The cupped flower resembles a ranunculus or rose, with fewer petals. The flower is unique in that it has a slightly peppery scent. They can be purple, pink, lavender, or even come in two shades. The Lisianthus is native to the southern United States, Mexico, and northern South America. These flowers are a local favorite as well because they grow in the flower fields near San Diego. They bloom with one or two flowers per stem and their name means ‘smooth flower.’

Blooming Branches

7. Blooming Branches

Lilac, forsythia, and dogwood are the first blooming shrubs and trees of spring, announcing the season’s arrival. Lilac, a deep lavender bloom, is one of the most fragrant, beautiful blooming trees of spring. They need a long cold winter to bloom well in the spring. Forsythia blooms are a dramatic yellow with a small, yellow flower and were traditionally used as a filler. Forsythia has emerged from the shadows to become a prominent flower in contemporary floral designs. Dogwood is the last of our three favorite blooming branches. Dogwood blooms are pink and white, and most dogwood branches are shipped from the eastern US or northern Mexico. Each of these blooming branches is great to add to any spring event or wedding floral.

Moth Orchid

8. Phaleonopsis Orchid

The phalaenopsis orchid or “moth orchid” is native to Southeast Asia, China, Taiwan, and the Indian Subcontinent and grown in greenhouses throughout the San Diego area. They come in a colorful mix, including hot pink, deep orange, vibrant yellow, yellow cream, and white and are perfect for contemporary wedding bouquets and centerpieces. The bloom’s broad, flat petals can be solid, speckled, or striped and are one of the most luxurious flowers to have in arrangements. If cared for properly, the blooms can last for weeks and sometimes, months. See our latest collection of orchid plantings.


9. Hyacinth Orientalis

This fragrant flower blooms for the months of March and April. The blooms resemble a starfish cluster on a thick stem surrounded by long, slender leaves. Flowers can have single, double or multiple blooms. Hyacinth is a genus of flowering bulbs native to the Mediterranean area. The stalks of flowers can reach a height of 6-12 inches. The blooms last 1-2 weeks if kept moist. The majority of hyacinth bulbs come from the Netherlands and are poisonous if eaten.


10. Anemone or “Wind Flower”

The anemone has a colorful bloom with a dark, round center on a tall, slender stalk. It gets its name from the Greeks and it means “windflower” and comes from the Ranunculaceae family. The genus, Anemone, is comprised of approximately 200 species of flowering plants that are perennial tubers. Varieties bloom in the spring and fall. They are ideal additions to wedding bouquets, centerpieces, and event florals. It is also used in herbal medicine to relieve menstrual cramps.

Do you have a favorite flower that blooms in spring? Let us know which of these are your favorite or if you have a fave flower you think should be on our list.

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