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8 Books to Help You Master Life With Plants

Whether your a plant dad or a brown thumb, there is always more to know about how to live a happy, healthy life with plants at your side. After all, houseplants are your friend and in San Diego, they can live inside and out! Like your relationship with your friends, houseplants need your love and attention to stay healthy and vibrant. Plants can help reduce your stress and make you healthier too. The air you breath will be cleaner from your green friends, and their presence will certainly improve your quality of life. In return, you will receive a healthy amount of joy and gratitude and help to relax as you tend to their welfare. Not to mention, houseplants help create an inviting and warm aesthetic in your indoor living and work environment. 

This fun piece is a nice explainer on which houseplants are best for beginners or those most likely to kill their houseplant while this article from Better Homes and Gardens makes a case for their top picks. And let’s not forget, popular houseplants are a great gift idea.

This and That and All Things About Plants

That introduction should set the tone for our dive into our curated selection of books exploring our indoor friends from a variety of perspectives and approaches. In between the covers, you will uncover tips on using plants in your living space in new and creative ways while other books dig deep into the variety (potted plants, air plants, succulents, terrariums, etc.) of houseplants. Whatever your comfort level with your green friends, we can help you find a book that will compliment your style. Plus, they can improve your connection to your houseplants and help you generate creative approaches for using plants to decorate your home, office or apartment. Uncover which plant is best for which location and gain new ideas for helping you create a thriving botanical escape. Let’s dig deeper.

Living with Plants | A Guide to Indoor Gardening by Sophia Lee

Living with Plants details more than 30 different projects to help you with your houseplants. Projects include moss wall hangings, air plants, hanging plants, terrariums and more. Loaded with tips and good advice, this book covers everything from your plant’s soil, how to correctly water, fertilize as well as how to revive and care for ill plants. Learn what plants are best for your home or office, pick a good location to ensure they thrive and gain insight into how you can use plants to help decorate your home.

    Happy Houseplants | 30 Lovely Varieties to Brighten Up Your Home by Angela Staehling

    A lovely practical guide to houseplants, Happy Houseplants is sure to help anyone avoid killing their green friends. Between the hardcovers of this little book is a wealth of information on 30 of the most popular houseplants and how to use them to make your home or apartment more stylish. From Foxtail Ferns to String of Pearls, the reader will find a perfect answer to your home decor needs.

    Plant Society | Create an Indoor Oasis for Your Urban Space by Jason Chongue

    Plant Society is a paperback guide on loving and caring for indoor plants, and so much more. Inside the covers you will find profiles on 25 ideal tropical indoor plants, categorized by the intensity and work required for their care. Plus, get styling advice on how to use houseplants to decorate your house, room by room. An added bonus is the various profiles of “plant people” sprinkled throughout the pages of the book.

    Leaf Supply | A Guide to Keeping Happy Houseplants by Lauren Camilleri and Sophia Kaplan

    Leaf Supply | A Guide to Keeping Happy Houseplants is the go-to resource for the urban houseplant lover. This beautiful and easy-to-use guide is loaded with tips and advice on choosing and caring for more than 100 houseplants. Full of great information, beautiful photographs, and style advice too. This book is an excellent resource for anyone who loves plants.

    The Little Book of Cacti and Other Succulents by Emma Sibley and Adam Laycock

    The Little Book of Cacti and Other Succulents is fun, deep-dive into more than 60 of the most popular succulents and cacti making it a perfect book for the plant lover in all of us. Everyone knows that succulents and cactus make the ideal, low-maintenance addition to your home or office. This book provides tips and suggestions on how to better care for your low-water friend, including how to navigate pests, pruning, and more. Full of beautiful, full-color images that explore the diversity of these dry, desert plants. This book is a lovely addition to any library, coffee table, or waiting room.

    How to Window Box | Small Space Plants to Grow Indoors and Out by Chantal Aida Gordon and Ryan Benoit

    How to Window Box, small-space plants to grow indoors or out is the perfect urban guide to gardening on your window sill. Full of practical advice on flower and plant gardening in small spaces, this accessible how-to guide is an excellent reference manual for the weekend gardener who needs a reminder what to do when a plant turns yellow.

    Loose Leaf | The Art of Plant and Flower Sculpture by Wona Bae and Charlie Lawler

    A beautifully photographed book, the content showcases stunning organic sculptures made from plants, flowers, and foliage. The theme of this books is getting creative with nature, and the images are breathtaking. This coffee table book is loaded with plant and flower porn and makes an excellent gift for plant and flower lovers. Readers will be inspired by the creative collaboration of Wona Bae and Charlie Lawler, the books co-authors. Bae and Lawler run Loose Leaf, Melbourne’s “foremost floristry business” with a focus on contemporary florals.

    Terrarium | 33 Glass Gardens to Make Your Own by Anna Bauer and Noam Levy

    Terrarium | 33 Glass Gardens to Make Your Own is a complete how-to guide to the world of terrariums and provides a road-map to create any one of 33 different terrarium gardens. Inspired by ecosystems around the world this little book is a treasure and an adventure between the covers. Beautifully photographed, it provides insider tips and serves as a handbook to those looking to create their own magical world in a glass environment.
      So, there it is! A brief summary of eight plant books to help you keep your plants alive and healthy. Take a lesson from this experience and do yourself a favor by reading up on the do’s and don’ts fo plant love and car. At Green Fresh Florals, we have a curated selection of books, paper products, canvas bags, beverage holders, and gift cards with plant and flower motifs. Visit us to see what we have in store at our Hillcrest retail store and garden patio. Be sure to sign up for our VIP Flower and Plant Lover mailing list to receive discounts, event news, store updates and more. And join us as we continue the conversation on social media and share our daily adventures.
      September 16, 2018

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