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Twenty Must Follow Plant Instagrammers

This is our top 20 must-follow Instagram plant accounts list for lovers of houseplants and Instagram.  If you're a lover of plants and social media like we are, the two meet on Instagram where a community of plant lovers share their passion, one post at a time. The social media site is full of accounts that are dedicated to houseplant lust and the unending feed of photographs are attracting followers by the thousands. We spent some time looking through #hashtags, the favorite way to categorize posts, to identify some of our favorites to share with our customers, who like us, love a great picture of a beautiful plant to bring joy to their day. The only thing better is the real thing (which we can help you with).

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We use hashtags to share our work (there are some very creative ones) like #plantaddict, #plantporn, #plantsofinstagram as well as more mundane tags like #sandiegoplantshop, #sandiegoplants, #sandiegofloraldesigner, #sandiegohomeandgarden, #sandiegoliving, #sandiegoevents, and #sandiegoweddingflorist. We post our San Diego event and wedding pictures here too. When you want a break from social media and you're ready for a taste of the real thing, we invite you to come to browse our Hillcrest floral and plant store. If you're just too busy to get away, take a peek at our website to find that perfect plant for your home, office, or patio and remember, we deliver.

Here are some of the best plant-focused accounts we think you will enjoy following on Instagram.

1. sweetyoxalis

A quick search for the #plantsmakepeoplehappy yields the account of @SweetyOxalis, a concept store based in Paris. Justine, who runs the account, is passionate about plants and makes it her mission to share with followers not only beautifully photographed plants but also tips and tricks about how to take care of those plants.

2. botanicalsandbillie

This adorable account, @botanicalsandbillie is just one of the many results you can get using the quick Instagram search icon. Anne lives in Barcelona, Spain and she's aiming to build an urban jungle and bring the beauty of plants to her city and many followers.

3. boyswithplants


#boyswithplants Boy: @thodoristhou Plants: #monstera #staghorn #platycerium

A post shared by Boys with Plants (@boyswithplants) on

For true eye-candy material, check out this #plantporn Instagram account that is dedicated solely to bringing their 65K+ followers pictures of boys with plants. It's that simple, and we love it. The account is so popular they are publishing a book of the same name this spring.

4. botanicalwomen

The equivalent of #boyswithplants this account focuses on adorable and beautiful pictures of women and plants. Their more than 35k followers are sure to get their fill of plant inspiration from more than 600 posts of plants. And women.

5. tropicaloco

If you're looking for some design ideas for #sandiegoliving look no further than Tropica Loco. The full-of-green account shows off a multitude of hot-climate plants that would be perfect for your San Diego home.

6. rogersgardens

A home and garden destination located on seven acres, Roger's Gardens are pretty spectacular - and their Instagram account doesn't disappoint either. Beautiful arrangements and drool-worthy shop pieces make up the bulk of this account. If you can't get out to California to visit, scrolling through the many photos on the account is sure to quiet your desire for more plants. At least for a while.

7. _finntage

You can find this account with the hashtag #plantsofinstagram or a simple Instagram search. The collection of photos show some pretty creative places to hang and add plants to in your house. The cozy pictures and beautiful scenes remind us of a cottage in the woods, and we couldn't be happier to move in.

8. hortusamsterdam

Follow the account of @HortusAmsterdam, one of the oldest botanical gardens right in the middle of Amsterdam. Feast your eyes on beautiful plants, arrangements, and learn a bit about each one too.

9. flowersfordreams

@flowersfordreams is one that's sure to provide inspiration for the coming spring. The account is for a business that creates beautiful bouquets and donates to local charities in Chicago and Milwaukee in honor of each one! If you're finding yourself in the area, be sure to support this wonderful business that not only indulges our love for flowers and plants but does well all in one go.

10. tulahouse

A moody take on plants, the dark color scheme of this account might not shout "Spring is coming" but it sure does soothe our need for plant photos. The imagery is spectacular and you could easily lose hours staring at the wall of them.

11. fernandfloret

Quite the opposite of Tula House, @FernandFloret is a light, airy plant account that will have you dreaming of soft summer mornings. Roses and intriguing flowers abound and are the center of each dreamy design. The designer behind the pictures is a twin cities local that works in all areas of plant and floral design.

12. asucculentday

If you're a lover of succulents, and who can resist those cute things, then @asucculentday account is just what you need in your day. Martha is a plant designer and artist who specializes in home design with succulent arrangements.

13. plantsindecor


Grand entrance! 🌿

A post shared by Indoor plants inspiration. (@plantsindecor) on

If you're looking for some #plantdesign or #nteriordesignideas to celebrate the coming spring, @plantsindecor has you covered. Indoor gardens and outdoor urban installations combine to create a truly beautiful page for inspiration.

14. freedomandsimplebeauty

If simplicity is your thing, check out the adorable concrete planters by @freedomandsimplebeauty. The tiny planters and the plants in them create some serious ooh-and-ahh moments and will give you #homeandgardening goals of your own.


Sencha's account is full of wonderful, green plants and wonderful thrift furniture. Her pictures make you want to move in - the apartment is full of plants and green life. As far as #homedecor goes, Sencha's got it down pat.

16. leafandjune


Everybody loves the sunshine. ☀🌿

A post shared by lisa muñoz (@leafandjune) on

When it comes to #plantdesign and #interiordesignideas, Lisa knows what's up. The interior plant designer's account is not only chock-full of plant pictures, but she also gives her close to 12k followers ideas and tips on how to arrange plants yourself.

17. momagency


What a difference an oversized mirror can make in a space. Like using homemade special effects a mirror bounces light, makes the room look double the size and even cheats the eye into believing you might have more plant babies than you really do. #homemade #specialeffects #designtips #MOMme | pic via @celine.sathal _________________________ #mirror #mirrorpic #livingroomstyle #apartmentdecor #apartmentliving #apartmenttherapy #apartmentstyle #plantstyling #plantdecor #plantbabies #houseplants #indoorjungle #indoorplants #cheatsheet #plantjungle #plantspiration #plantsmakepeoplehappy #plantsplantsplants #indoorgardening #plantdecor #plantstyling #decoratingwithplants #iloveplants #planthoarder #plantdesign #plantsofinstagram #planthouse #homedecorating

A post shared by MomAgency (@momagency) on

This self-described 'plant hoarder' sure knows how to create a beautiful balance between interior design and plenty of plants. Her take on interior houseplants has earned her more than 50k followers and the pictures never disappoint.

18. plantsandcollecting

The plant-lover behind @plantsandcollecting takes all her own pictures and has been a plant-lover all her life. Her home looks more like a jungle than a modern home, but we love every bit of it. There's sure to be plenty to satisfy your plant cravings here!

19. littleandlush


New leaf for #foliagefriday 🌿💚 #monstera #monsteraborsigiana #monsteradeliciosa

A post shared by 🌿 Anna (@littleandlush) on

One of our favorites is Anna's account, @littleandlush. A haven of beautiful plant images and minimalist design, you're sure to find yourself staring at her page for hours. The stunning images of monstera variegata are some of the best we've seen yet.

20. drawingplantlady

To finish things off, we've got something a little different with @drawingplantlady. A beautiful collection of plants still...just in drawings! Kelly draws some quite unique and beautiful plants that have us wishing for more space on our walls. What goes better with plants in your home than drawings of plants on the wall?

Do you guys have a favorite #plantsofinstagram account? Tell us which of these were your favorite or if you have a favorite that we didn't list.

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May 05, 2019
Tags: houseplants

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