Monstera - Swiss Cheese Plant (Monstera deliciosa)


The 6-inch Monstera deliciosa Swiss Cheese (Monstera deliciosa) is a favorite houseplant due to its broad, ornamental leaves that split as the leaf grows. The beautiful perforated leaves give it the common name Swiss Cheese Plant. The Monstera is native to southern Mexico where it grows up to 10 feet tall or more with leaves that can reach 2 feet across. Monsteras require a larger amount of space in your home or office and prefer a location with bright, filtered sun. Water weekly but allow for the soil to dry out in between. 

Another name for the Monstera is the Hurricane Plant because of the belief that the holes in the leaves are the plant's evolutionary trick to protect itself from damage due to tropical rains by allowing the water to pass through the leaves. 

Sold in the grower's 6-inch original container. We also sell potted Monstera plants in a range of sizes and container colors.

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