Ponytail Palm Plant in Ceramic Cylinder Pot


Order a Ponytail Palm planted in a contemporary container online from Green Fresh Florals + Plants. Pick your favorite color and the size that works for your space and let us deliver it for you. A care-free houseplant, just add water and it will thrive. Place it near a window with bright, diffused light and watch it grow.

The shape of the ponytail palm tree is unique.  The trunk bulge at the bottom is where the plant stores water. The falling leaves at the crown of the plant are reminiscent of a favorite carnival ride where the chairs on chains spin up as the ride spins. Sure to generate questions and conversation, this is a unique and interesting houseplant that is a great anchor to a plant collection.


  • Ponytail palm
  • Deep ceramic cylinder pot
  • Two sizes (6" and 8") and multiple colors
  • Care-free maintenance
  • A focal point for your room

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