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Dried Elfin Bouquet


Our Dried Elfin Bouquet, like the mythical creature it was named after, is luminous and magical. Beautiful and long-lasting, this bouquet, like the elf, possesses magical powers intended to ward off illness and despair. This designer's mix includes yellow and white bleached bunny tail, baby's breath, palm fronds, and dried purple lavender known to promote serenity, calmness, and grace. The color purple is associated with the crown chakra, which is the energy center associated with a higher purpose and spiritual connectivity.

Wrapped in our signature white butcher paper and finished with a grosgrain ribbon, this bouquet delivers both style and spirit. If you offer this Dried Elfin Bouquet as a gift, be sure to shop our online card collection then let us deliver the card and bouquet for you.


  • A magical mix of dried earth elements
  • Designed to ward off illness and provide calmness and serenity
  • Hand-wrapped in white butcher paper and finished with a grosgrain ribbon
  • An ideal housewarming gift, to celebrate a birthday or simply to enjoy.