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Sunshine Succulent Garden


The Sunshine Succulent Garden is a lush collection of low-maintenance succulents ideal for adding some energy and style to any desk or table. Succulent gardens are popular in part due to how easy they are to maintain requiring a limited amount of water and some bright light to thrive. This planting, in a yellow-banded circular ceramic container, is medium-sized and ideal for placing on a work desk, coffee table, shelf or adjacent to a window with bright light. Succulents are happy when they are near sunshine so don't hesitate to place it in a sunny location.

The Sunshine Succulent Garden is an affordable gift for the green thumb in your life or the plant beginner. Designed to bring year-round sunshine into the life of whoever is lucky enough to receive it, this garden requires minimal effort to maintain. 


  • Novelty ceramic pot with a yellow band
  • Mix of succulents and cactus
  • Hand-made in Hillcrest
  • Easy to maintain
  • Perfect size for home or office

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