Bordeaux Orchid Planting


Our Bordeaux Orchid Planting is an exquisite, sophisticated flowering Oncidium orchid planting designed to add a touch of style to your space or to give as a gift. This Oncidium orchid or "Dancing Lady" as it is also known,  is available in a single stem or triple stem planting to fit any space. Each size is planted in our newest Momma Pot colored gemstone cylinder, Bordeaux.

The single stem Oncidium is planted in a 4.5" Bordeaux cylinder Momma Pot and the triple stem is planted in an 8.25" cylinder. We recommend placing this planting in a location with bright, diffused light and let it dry out between watering.

If you are sending the Bordeaux Orchid Planting as a gift, grab a card from our online collection and we will gladly write a note on the inside for you. Then, let us deliver your gift and card for you.


  • Bordeaux Momma Pot
  • Single or triple stem Oncidium plant
  • Clean, sophisticated planting
  • Makes an ideal gift for any occasion