Calathea in Ceramic Container


The Calathea (makoyana) in a ceramic container, also known as the Zebra or Peacock plant, is a visually striking houseplant with leaves that spread out like fans with stripes of green and white. Planted in a contemporary ceramic container, the Calathea is popular for indoor decoration as their color brings bright colors to a room and they are relatively easy to maintain. 

The Calathea prefers plenty of humidity and is best kept at around 60 percent humidity. It likes shade or diffused light and grows best in a shady room. It does well next to other plants that transpire, such as the areca palm, because it will provide enough humidity to thrive. If you do not overwater, your Calathea will thrive.


  • Calathea houseplant in a contemporary ceramic container
  • Available in two sizes and various container colors
  • Colorful broad fan leaves
  • Prefers low-light and shade