Junior Monstera Planting


Our Junior Monstera Planting delivers a starter sized Monstera deliciosa, which rivals the Fiddle Leaf Fig as our most popular houseplant, with a 4.5" porcelain white cylinder from Momma Pots. The result is a contemporary planting that will add some style to your space while you watch your mighty Monstera grow and thrive.

The Monstera likes diffused bright light and can live year-round outside in San Diego on a deck, entryway or patio. But be sure to keep your little baby out of direct sunlight because it can burn the leaves. As a gift for yourself or a friend, this Junior Monstera Planting is a perfect choice.

If you are gifting the Junior Monstera Planting, grab a card from our online card collection then let us deliver both your Monstera and gift card for you. After we write your note on the inside, of course.


  • 4.5" porcelain white cylinder from Momma Pots
  • 4" junior Monstera
  • A modern, clean style paired with our most popular plant
  • Start small and watch how fast your new guy will grow