Lemon Cypress Planting

$65.00 $32.50

Give the gift of the brightly fragrant Lemon Cypress Planting, planted in a contemporary white Romey cylinder pot with moss and decor. The lemon cypress thrives in bright light with sunshine so locate it near a window with plenty of light. Water thoroughly to keep soil evenly moist. The Romey cylinder is the perfect container as it comes with a manufactured hole for drainage and a saucer to collect excess water.

The lemon cypress topiary is a great decor item that makes a great gift as well. Grab a card from our online card collection and our staff will write a note inside for you. Then, let our drivers deliver both for you.


  • Lemon Cypress Planting
  • Romey white cylinder container + saucer
  • Manufactured with drain hole
  • Available in a 4" size cylinder and a 6" cylinder