Leyland Cypress in Hogla Basket

$45.00 $22.50

The flat stems of feathery, blue-green foliage wrapped in a holiday woven basket make the Leyland Cypress in a Hogla Basket an appealing choice to add some holiday spirit to your space. The Leyland Cypress thrives in bright sun and plenty of water for this fast-growing tree which is often used as a screening hedge. To water, remove the cypress from the basket and soak it for 15 minutes, then let it drain thoroughly. You can also add a plastic tray to the bottom of the Hogla basket if you want to add extra protection.

The Leyland Cypress makes a great host or hostess gift when paired with a card from our online shop. We will gladly transcribe your note inside for you. Then, let our drivers do the hard part and deliver for you.