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Houseplant Trio


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The Houseplant Trio includes a trio of 4" plants potted in a grey fiber clay pot. The three pots sit inside a slotted wood tray to complete the look. In this mix, we include a Monstera, Kentia Palm, and Spikemoss Fern, however, each planting will vary based on the designer's choice. On a counter in the kitchen, a desk, or by the front door, this planting adds to your decor and brings some of the outside positive green energy into your home. Place in a location with plenty of diffused bright light and water when dry to touch.

This Trio also makes a great housewarming gift or hostess gift. Grab a card from our online collection and let us deliver for you.


  • A trio of grey fiber clay pots on a wood tray
  • Planted with three, 4" plants
  • Ideal on a desk or countertop with diffused light
  • A perfect housewarming or hostess gift