7" Pink Pedestal + Crystal Succulent Planting


Our hand-made blush 7" Pink Pedestal + Crystal Succulent Planting is a fun, low-maintenance planting that will add a fun pop of color to your space. We paired an 7" wide x 3" deep blush pink pedestal Momma Pot (designed in San Diego) with a collection of 4" succulents and finished with a fine layer of pink sand to cover the soil.

This garden will last a lifetime in a bright-light space. Allow it to dry out in between waterings. This adorable planting makes a great gift and we have a card collection to send the perfect message. Then let us deliver both for you.


  • Succulent planting with red sand topping
  • Planted in a 3" x 7" porcelain pedestal pot
  • A low-maintenance planting that will thrive in bright light
  • A fun, affordable gift