The Healing Bouquet has scented geraniums, thyme, mint, oregano, dill, olive bay leaf, fever few, chamomile, rosemary, and lemon leaf. This hand-tied bouquet has all the aromatherapy goodies that will heal and cheer anyone up. It can also be dried and used in teas or salads.

Start by removing all the leaves on the lower part of the stems and lining-up each type of flower in front of you.

Begin by taking a few stems in one hand, start adding your flowers in a spiral shape. This is done by placing the stems in your hand all going the same direction and then turn the whole grouping a couple of times while putting it together. This should create a ” tee-pee” effect with the bottom of the stems.

Be sure to vary the different flowers in the bouquet so that it is not heavy with one type in one area. Once you’ve added all your flowers, create a collar of greenery by using short stems of lemon leaf. A few stems all the way around should finish the bouquet shape nicely.

Using twine or florist wire, bind the bunch together right where you are holding the stems together. Right where you’ve bound the bouquet, tie that of with some wide ribbon, a shoe lace bow is always classical yet simple to create.

Finally, cut the stems all the same length, making sure each stem gets a cut.

If you’ve done these steps properly, your bouquet should be able to stand on it own with out a vase. Then give it away with love and healing energy!

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