Plant Styling

Add Some Green to Your Quarantine

Mini 'Ginny' Monstera 

A hard-to-find plant that is having a moment of stardom on Instagram. (Just check the hashtag #minimonstera to get a feel for the fandom). 

Calathea 'Prayer Plant'

A beautiful exotic large-leave prayer plant with pink centered leaves, bordered with a deep, dark green. 

Fiddle Leaf Fig

A great choice to anchor a room or office. The fiddle leaf fig will also help purify and humidify the air.

Entertain Your Groove

Mix Our Unpotted Plants + Container of Your Preference


'Love my Fig and Green Fresh Florals'

"Green Fresh always delivers the best plants and arrangements. 

They literally deliver them to your door, too. On top of the plant‘s beauty, 

the service is so personable and thoughtful. 

This Fiddle Leaf Fig will definitely be a house fave. Absolutely love it."

Kelli O. | July 2020

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