Antique Blush Designer Floral


Dusty and soft, our Antique Blush Designer Floral is sure to impress. Quicksand and Cappuccino roses that look like paper are at the center of this stunning flower arrangement. Designed by Carlos Franco, shop owner, and creative director, this designer floral is arranged in a dusty pink vase. A soft blush mix of garden roses, dahlia, geranium, pompous grass, black and tan palm accented with bleach grass.

The Antique Blush Designer Floral makes an ideal selection for someone special who has a more traditional, gentle style and favors shades of soft pink and unique roses. Grab a card from our online store and let us deliver for you.


  • A mix of roses, dahlia, and geranium
  • Pink ceramic vase
  • Hand-Crafted fresh in Hillcrest
  • Versatile and stylish