Black Florastand Planter

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Large and freestanding, the Black Florastand Planter by Umbra is an eye-catching planter that will bring greenery indoors while providing a decorative touch to the room with its metal base and curved pots. With 3 durable and removable pots for easy planting, Floristand is a unique and easy way to show off your plants and complete your space.

Taking up little room, this planter features three wire holders that each hold one of the 4” round planters. The Black Florastand Planter can also adjust its pots to fit your preference. Floristand fits neatly in corner spaces in any living room, dining room, bedroom, office, and more. Check out our plants' unpotted collection to pick out some plants, then let our driver deliver it all to you.


  • Freestanding planter with three round 4" pots
  • Adjustable pots to fit different height plants and multiple configurations
  • Made of real wood and powder-coated metal and solid, sturdy base for support
  • Great for small spaces

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