Black & White Ceramic Planter on a Wire Stand

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Ideal for pairing with a small unpotted plant, the Black + White Ceramic Planter on a Wire Stand is a great addition to add some pazazz to your plant collection. Small in size but large in style, this contemporary ceramic planter sits beautifully atop a lightweight wire stand giving it a stage presence. Available in an 8" and 10" tall option, ideal for 4" plants.

This planter + wire stand makes a great gift as well when paired with a plant from our unpotted plant collection. We will gladly plant it for you. Grab a card and let us deliver for you.


  • Black + white ceramic planter on a wire stand
  • Available in a 4.25" (8" tall) and 5.25" (10" tall)
  • Makes an affordable gift when paired with a 4" plant
  • Add a big amount of style in a small container