Blooming Hydrangea Plant


The French Blooming Hydrangea Plant, also known as the bigleaf hydrangea or florist's hydrangea, is a popular spring plant with huge flowering heads. French hydrangea blooms in late spring and early summer with blooms that can last up to eight weeks. Planted in a white contemporary ceramic pot, this bigleaf blooming hydrangea will bring spring into your home or office as well as adding some style and color. Place it in a shady spot, and watch it thrive.

Blooming Hydrangea makes an ideal gift that will bring long-lasting joy to the lucky recipient. Grab a card from our online collection, then have us deliver your card and blooming hydrangea for you.


  • French blooming hydrangea
  • White contemporary ceramic pot
  • Long-lasting blooms
  • Ideal spring plant for giving