Blush Anthurium Planting

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We paired a 6.5" blush pink Momma Pot with a 6" Anthurium to deliver this modern and sleek Blush Anthurium Planting.  The stunning heart-shaped "flowers" are really a waxy leave called a spathe that grows from the plant's base and flair upward. Anthurium spathe "flowers" can grow in white, pink, and deep purple in addition to red. The Anthurium is Native to warm, tropical environments. The Anthurium Planting will thrive when placed in indirect, bright light.

The Blush Anthurium Planting makes an idea' housewarming or host gift as they are hearty and relatively easy-to-care-for. Pick a card from our Greeting Card Collection, then let us deliver for you.

  • 6" Anthurium plant (color may vary, based on availability)
  • 6.5" blush pink Momma pot
  • A hearty, easy-to-maintain plant
  • Ideal as a gift

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