Bronze Syngonium 4"

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The Bronze Syngonium 4" plant (Syngonium podophyllum) is a hearty addition to your plant collection. The bronze leaves grow as a vine making it an ideal plant for hanging planters

The Syngonium prefers bright, indirect light and thrives in standard potting soil. But make sure to let the soil dry out before adding more water. Give it a mist once or twice a week and it will thank you with robust growth.

Keep your arrowhead plant away from pets and humans as all Syngonium's are poisonous. 

Want a larger plant? We offer a 6-inch Syngonium as well.


  • Bronze Syngonium
  • Hearty, trailing vine great for hanging
  • Sold in the 4-inch grower's container. 
  • Keep away from pets + children