Calathea Orbifolia

Size 4"
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The Calathea Orbifolia (Calathea orbifolia) is an exotic, hard-to-find Calathea with broad bright green leaves striped in silver and blue, giving it an almost metallic look.

Renowned for its broad elegant leaves that grow wider as it ages. The Calathea Orbifolia leaves originate from the center and grow dense and large, up to 2.5" tall and wide. Like other Calathea, it prefers medium to low light and regular watering.

Sold in the grower's pot, the Calathea Orbifolia prefers moist, well-draining soil, so pick a pot like the Gemstone cylinder or Romey, and one of our staff will gladly plant it for you. If you are thinking of gifting this beauty, grab a card from our greeting card collection, then have our drivers deliver it for you.

Medium, Diffused Light

Recommended for homes with pets.

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