Calathea Pinstripe 6''

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The Calathea Pinstripe 6" (Calathea Ornata) is a stunning plant with pink stripes running down the long, shield-like green leaves.  Calathea plants are tropical, so they prefer indirect sunlight and plenty of humidity. Locate yours near a south-facing window where it can get plenty of indirect sunlight. 

Calatheas like moist, nutrient-rich soil. Avoid overwatering, or you will kill it. Plant your Pinstripe Calathea in a planter or pot with a drainage hole and saucer to allow proper drainage. Choose a cylinder from the Gemstone Collection by Momma Pots or one from the Decluttered collection. Pick a pot, and our staff will gladly pot it for you.

The Calathea is pet safe and is a great plant for giving as a gift to a plant lover. Grab a card and pot to go with it. Then, have our drivers deliver your Calathea for you.