Rose Painted Calathea in Ceramic Container

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The Rose Painted Calathea in Ceramic Container (Calathea roseopicta) is also known as the Zebra or Medallion Calathea plant and is a popular houseplant because of its visually striking green and white striped leaves shaped like fans. Our Calathea comes planted in a contemporary ceramic container that is available in a variety of colors.

Relatively easy-to-maintain, the Calathea prefers plenty of humidity, so take it into the bathroom when you shower. It likes shade or diffused light and grows best in a dark room. It does well next to other plants that transpire, such as the areca palm, because it will provide enough humidity to thrive. 

Purchase online and let us hand-deliver your new Calathea to you.


  • Rose Painted Calathea planting
  • A contemporary ceramic container in various colors
  • Colorful broad fan-shaped leaves that prefer low-light and shade