Crissie Bird's Nest Fern 6"

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The Crissie Bird's Nest Fern 6" (Asplenium nidus) is a popular indoor plant that prefers medium light to shade. The long, narrow shaped fronds are elegant and unfurl in a dramatic fashion and the ends of the leaves appear blunted as they form a split on the end with a flourish. The Crissie Bird's Nest Fern requires a fair amount of detailed attention to thrive so it is a good choice for advanced indoor gardeners.

Like other bird's nest ferns, the Crissie is great choice for a hanging pot where the leaves drape or in a stylish pot on a table or floor. If you find a pot, we will gladly plant your Crissie for you. Keep the soil moist and watch this magnificent plant thrive.

This plant is sold in the original grower's container.