Dache Planters

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Let your imagination loose if you are trying to interpret the Dache Planters. These abstract planters made of unglazed ceramic are great for the urban home: part animal, part functional planter, part bizarro. And we like that combo! Each planter is comprised of two pieces, and each planter is sold separately.


The 6.75" planter has a drainage hole that drains into the three short legs of the base. Perfect for a 6" plant.

The 7.25" planter has a short banded piece that sits atop longer legs and serves as a repository for excess water. Use a 6" plant.

The 8" planter has the longest legs and has a round circular piece with ears. Suitable for a 6" plant.

Hurry, these planters won't last long and make a unique, fun gift for the plant mamma or daddy in your life. Pick a plant from our unpotted collection, and our staff will gladly pot it in your Dache planter for you. Grab a card from our greeting card collection, and we will meet you curbside to pick up your gift. If you prefer, we will gladly deliver it all for you.