Giant Alocasia in Terracotta Container

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A stunning specimen, the Giant Alocasia Planting in Terracotta Container towers 4 feet high and is ideal next to a chair, couch, or desk. The deep contemporary container is clean and simple and we complete the planting with a bed of moss atop the soil. The leaves on this plant make it a stunning focal point of any room it is placed.

Also known as an "African mask" or “elephant ear” plant due to the size and shape of the leaves, the Alocasia thrives in bright, indirect light so place it near a glass door or bright window. The Alocasia does well outdoor in San Diego as long as it stays out of the direct sunlight.

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  • 10" Alocasia planting with moss finish
  • 10" Terracotta deep ceramic container
  • Approximately 4-5' tall
  • Place in bright, indirect sunlight