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Golden Pothos Planting


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We paired our most popular 4.5" light grey Momma pot with one of our most popular plants, the pothos, to deliver the Golden Pothos Planting. This modern planting is a low-maintenance choice as the pothos is a hearty plant that thrives in a variety of lighting, but prefers diffused bright light. As a gift for a friend, or something for your own space, this planting will add a touch of style without much fuss or required plant care. Water as needed and watch it grow.

If you do want to gift this Golden Pothos Planting, take a look at our online card collection to find a card that meets your needs. We will happily write a note on the inside for you, then, have us deliver both for you.


  • 4.5" light grey porcelain Momma Pot cylinder
  • 4" Golden Pothos
  • Stylish and easy-to-maintain
  • Makes an affordable gift for a friend or yourself