Hand-Wrapped Long-Stem Roses (pick your color)

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Our imported Ecuadorian Hand-Wrapped Long-Stem Roses are packaged in a stylish and clean European bouquet that will delight your special someone. We hand-wrap these stunning long-stem roses in heavy white butcher paper, then add some colorful tissue and finish by tying them all together with a decorative grosgrain ribbon.

We offer various colors to help you send the right message, including red, white, pink, coral, blush, and ombre. And depending on your preference, we can create a bouquet in three different sizes: one-half dozen, one-dozen, and two-dozen roses.

These roses are also available arranged in an artisan glass vase instead of hand-wrapped as a European bouquet.

Be sure to grab a card from our online Greeting Card Collection, then let our drivers deliver your roses and card for you, or arrange to have it available for free curbside pickup.  


  • Fresh, imported long-stem roses
  • Colors include white, red, coral, blush, and ombre
  • Available in quantities of one-half dozen, one-dozen, and two-dozen.
  • Delivery and curbside pickup available