Harlequin Stoneware Hanging Planter

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The Harlequin Stoneware Hanging Planter is an alluring showcase for a thriving hanging plant near a window or against a wall. The repeating pattern of elongated squares provides a unique texture to this light grey colored planter which also has wooden beads threaded in the leather hanging straps.

The shape of the planter is reminiscent of court jester's hat with the floppy pointed extensions. At 5.5" wide and approximately 7" tall (or deep), this hanging planter will display a 4" plant from our plants' unpotted collection with style.


  • Harlequin patterned stoneware hanging planter
  • Light stone color with a textured all-over pattern
  • Leather straps with threaded wooden beads
  • Approximately 5.5" wide and 7" deep