Laurentii Sansevieria 6''

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A classic plant for lovers of contemporary and mid century modern style, the Laurentii Sansevieria 6"(Sansevieria trifasciata), more commonly referred to as a Snake Plant, is the go-to choice. Planted in a ceramic cylinder, this easy-to-maintain plant can survive everything you throw at it with the exception of soaking its roots. Plant it in a cylinder with a drain hole and saucer to catch excess water and you will make your Snake Plant very happy. They thrive in bright light but will tolerate mid-low light.

The Laurentii Sansevieria is a great gift. Pair it with a container from our planters & pots collection and we will gladly pot it up for you. Then, pick it up curbside or have us deliver it for you. Don't forget the card.