Arrowhead Syngonium 4"


The Arrowhead Syngonium (Syngonium podophyllum) in a 4-inch growers container is an easy-care houseplant great for beginners with pretty, multi-colored, heart-shaped leaves. This houseplant thrives in a range of lighting environments, from medium-light to full shade making it versatile and a top choice for rooms like bathrooms or hallways with limited lighting.

The Syngonium is a hearty vine that trails making it ideal for hanging baskets, however, it should be kept away from pets and children as it is poisonous to both. 

Want a larger size? We sell 6" Syngonium plants too.


  • Arrowhead Syngonium
  • Sold in the 4-inch grower's container
  • Hearty, green vine ideal for hanging
  • Keep away from pets + children