Meja Hanging Planter

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The Meja Hanging Planter delivers the perfect amount of planting space for multiple plants allowing you to create a beautiful hanging succulent garden or mix of hanging green plants. The large bowl is suspended with hand-braided rope. Sleek and contemporary, the Meja Hanging Planter has an allover subtle pattern and is finished with an earthy reactive glaze.  The styling makes it a versatile choice for any home or office location.

Pair the perfect unpotted plants with this planter from our collection and we will gladly plant them for you. If you're sending the Meja Hanging Bowl as a gift, be sure to take a look at our online card collection. We will gladly write a note for you, then let us deliver.


  • Meja hanging bowl
  • Sleek, clean styling
  • An allover light dot pattern
  • 14" wide x 6.5" deep
  • Hand-braided straps

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