Mistletoe Cactus 6"

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The Mistletoe Cactus 6" (Rhipsalis Sulcata) has thick finger-like segments that have anywhere from 2-5 branching from a branch. A unique looking cactus that does not have thorns but it does produce small bumps along the spine of the branches. This cactus if not a typical cactus as it would die quickly in the dry heat of the desert.

The Mistletoe cactus prefers diffused light and with thrive in the shade on a patio or in your home. Keep the soil moist and you will see how quickly this plant grows. Place it in a hanging pot and watch the branches flow down to the ground.

The Mistletoe makes a fun and unique gift. Pick a pot from our online store and a card from our collection, and we will gladly deliver for you.


  • Mistletoe Cactus
  • Sold in 6" grower's container
  • Low-light, moist soil
  • Pair with a pot and we'll plant it for you