Modern Snake Planting

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Our Modern Snake Planting is a mix of two of our most popular items, a 6" Snake Plant (Sansevieria) and a grey 6.5" gemstone cylinder container from Momma Pots. Snake plants are hearty, easy-to-maintain plants and will thrive in a range of lighting but prefer diffused bright light. We planted it in the Momma Pot which comes with a pre-drilled hole for proper drainage so the roots do not sit in water and a tray to catch excess water. 

Stylish, clean, and modern in appearance, the Modern Snake Planting makes a great housewarming gift or birthday gift for the plant lover. Grab a card from our online card collection and we will write a note on the inside for you. Then, let us do the heavy lifting and deliver this beautiful planting and your card for you.

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