Moonshine Sansevieria 4''

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The Moonshine Sansevieria 4" is a a cultivar of the Sansevieria trifasciata, which is a succulent from the Asparagaceae family and is known for its broad silvery green leaves. A popular houseplant, the Moonshine Sansevieria is also known as a Snake Plant due to its long leaves. Sansevieria thrive in bright indirect light but will also do well in low light settings. The long broad leaves turn a darker shade of green in low light. This succulent plant is drought-tolerant and easy-to-maintain.

Plant your Moonshine Sansevieria in a planter with a drain hole and saucer to allow the water to drain away from the roots. This will prevent root rot which can kill your plants. Pick a pot from our modern planters collection and we will gladly plant it for you. If it is a gift, grab a card and have our drivers deliver it for you.