Mustard Oncidium Orchid Planting


Our exclusive Mustard Oncidium Orchid Planting is a dazzling combination of two of our most popular items and aims to please. We planted a single-stem oncidium orchid in a 4.5" mustard Momma Pot to arrive at a beautiful combination to celebrate the season.

The oncidium, which blooms in the fall, is a popular orchid because of its plentiful spray of blooms that can last for weeks if properly cared for. Oncidiums can handle direct morning light and even prefer bright to very bright conditions, unlike most orchids. The planting is in a pot that has a pre-drilled drainage hole to allow for proper drainage. Be sure to give your oncidium plenty of water but allow it to dry out between watering.

As a gift for someone special, or for your own enjoyment, our Mustard Oncidium Planting delivers. Grab a card from our card collection and we will gladly transcribe a note on the inside for you. Then, let our drivers hand-deliver your orchid and card for you.


  • Approximately 30" tall blooming oncidium orchid plant
  • Planted in a 4.5" mustard ceramic Momma pot
  • Pre-drilled water drainage hole + collection tray
  • A contemporary fall planting ideal for gifting