Out Loud + Proud Anthurium

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While Pride Weekend in San Diego is July 16-18, June is the month of Pride celebrations across the U.S. and Europe. To celebrate, we offer our Out Loud + Proud Anthurium, a stunning beauty that wears its Pride well.  Paired with a monstera leaf in a bud vase with water to match, the Out Loud and Proud Anthurium is hand-painted with the colors of the LGBTQ+ rainbow flag around its edge, making it a show-stopper. The long-lasting colorful anthurium bloom is a great addition to your work desk, your nightstand, or your bathroom counter to add a taste of the season to your life.

This celebratory arrangement is an ideal gift to share with your bestie, your significant other, or someone special. Grab a card from our online greeting card collection, and if you prefer, we will gladly deliver it for you.