Majesty or Kentia Palm in Ceramic Container


The Majesty Palm or Kentia Palm in Ceramic Container is a perfect choice to anchor a room in your home or office. The Majesty Palm is the specimen we use for our large palm selection and it comes in a 15" ceramic pot. The medium palm is a 10" Kentia palm planted in a 10" deep ceramic cylinder. 

The Majesty Palm is a popular indoor houseplant with long, elegant fronds that resemble a palm tree. Originally from Madagascar, it grows to about 6-8 feet tall indoors, so make sure to position in a place that it has the room vertically to grow. A Majesty Palm will have multiple stems shooting from the base and arched leaves.

The Kentia Palm is an ideal palm for climates where tropical palms are not able to grow. Known to take considerable abuse, the Kentia palm is a great selection as a focal point in your room as it will grow to heights of 6-8 feet. Both come planted in a deep ceramic cylinder pot available in several colors to match your style and decor. 

Both the Kentia and Majesty Palm plants like moist air and 6-8 hours of bright, diffused light daily. 


  • Palm in a ceramic container
  • Majesty palm (Large) + Kentia palm (Medium)
  • Stylish contemporary cylinder pot + matching saucer in various colors
  • Pre-drilled drainage
  • Bright light + easy to maintain
  • Size requires space for fronds