Paperwhites in Gold Bowl


Paperwhites are a favorite holiday bloom and they are at the center of this planting of three Paperwhites in a Gold Bowl. Planted in a metal low-profile bowl with a shiny gold finish, reindeer moss, and mini holiday ornaments, these paperwhites will debut their blooms as the season unfolds. A great gift for an office party, friend or host/hostess, this planting is offered exclusively by Green and hand-assembled in our Hillcrest plant and flower shop. This planting will bring a touch of the holiday spirit to the location where it is placed.

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  • Metal low-profile bowl with gold, shiny finish
  • Three paperwhite bulbs planted with reindeer moss and ornaments
  • Perfect size for a variety of locations at work or home
  • Ideal for an office party gift, host/hostess gift or a regular holiday gift

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