Plant Lover's Kit

$50.00 $39.95

Are you just getting started with your urban jungle and not quite sure where to begin? Maybe you're trying to find the perfect gift for the plant daddy in your life? Let us introduce you to our Plant Lover's Kit that includes a pair of 4" houseplants direct from the grower along with a medium-sized brass watering can to help make caring for your new green babies easy. Rounding out the Plant Lover's Kit is a natural canvas tote with a green oversized monstera leaf print across the sides and a complimentary Green Fresh Florals + Plants lapel pin. The Plant Lover's kit contains:

  • Two popular 4" easy-to-grow houseplants;
  • One medium brass watering can (as pictured);
  • One monstera leaf canvas tote;
  • One Green lapel pin.

To top it all off, the Plant Lover's kit is 20% off what the regular retail price would be if you bought each item separately. So hurry before we sell-out of our limited supply.

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