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Pothos Neon 6"

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The Pothos Neon 6" (Epipremnum aureum), is the hip brother to the traditional Golden Pothos, the Neon Pothos is an electrifying color variation that speaks to the adventurer in all of us. The Neon Pothos displays bright, chartreuse heart-shaped leaves that are tethered to a trailing vine that will wrap itself around a totem pole as it grows taller and bushier.

The pothos is one of the best houseplants for removing toxins from the air, a natural air purifier. As with all pothos, they are hearty plants that can live on little light but thrive on medium, diffused light.

The Neon Pothos has a fun, contemporary look to it and is ideal for a plant novice just starting out. Water it once a week and it will thrive.

Sold in the grower's original container you may want to find a new pot from our online collection. If you do, we will gladly plant it for you.

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