Pothos in Ceramic Container


The Pothos in Ceramic Container is an ideal choice for anyone challenged with keeping plants alive. Pothos thrive in diffused bright light as well as shade making it ideal in a hallway, bathroom, or basement room. A pothos will grow in moist soil as well as a simple vase of water. 

The pothos comes in a variety of types but most display broad, variegated, heart-shaped leaves that are vine-like. The pothos is a perfect plant to place in a hanger near a window or on a shelf as the long vines will grow rapidly creating a jungle-like style. 

We also sell pothos, unpotted in a 4" and 6" size.


  • Pothos in a ceramic container
  • Choose from various container colors
  • Available in 6-inch, 8-inch containers
  • Requires limited attention and thrives in a variety of lighting