Rubber Tree Tineke 8''

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The Rubber Tree Tineke 8" (Ficus elastica) is a ficus variety which is new to the market, originally from India and Indonesia. It is a relatively easy plant to maintain and thrives in bright, indirect light so pick a place near a window to make it happy.

The Tineke produces glossy variegated leaves that can reach up to a foot long and half a foot wide. The variegation color is cream on green leaves, and muted like a watercolor. Like all ficus, the Rubber Tree Tineke is a fast growing plant that can grow up to 2-10' tall. The variegated variety grows slower.

Pick a pot with appropriate drainage like the Gemstone Cylinder from Momma Pots. This pot and saucer will provide for adequate drainage so your Rubber Tree's roots are not sitting in water. If your gifting the Rubber Tree, we can assist by planting your tree in a new pot for you. Then pick a card and have our drivers deliver it for you.