Spikemoss Fern 4"

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The Spikemoss Fern 4" plant (Selaginella kraussiana) is easy to care for, requires partial to full shade, and makes an excellent terrarium plant or as an accent to flower or plant beds and container gardens. The Spikemoss Fern is a low-growing (up to 6 inches) perennial native to tropical and South Africa. Spikemoss sends out trailing stems covered in chartreuse foliage. They like shady, moist conditions; and they require rich, well-drained soil.  To maximize their growth, plant them in a mixture of peat moss and rich garden potting soil to enhance moisture retention.

When happy, one plant can spread to cover a 3-foot area. Mist regularly to keep them a rich green. 

Sold in the grower's 4" original container. Safe for pets and small children.