Spring Garden Designer Mix


Usher in the season of rebirth with this stunning Spring Garden Designer Mix, exclusive from Green. Loaded with spring blooms, this tall collection of dancing blooms was designed to showcase the beauty in the flowers. Ranunculus in peach, yellow and white mix with blue fragrant Hyacinth, white Anemone, blue thistle, light, and dark blue Delphinium. Sweet pea, roses, blue Veronica, silver Brunia, and purple Anemone along with Ginestra add to this colorful mix which is complemented by the addition of both Spiral and Gunni eucalyptus which adds texture and interesting shape.

Arranged in a 10-inch tall glass artisan vase, the Spring Garden Designer Mix is made to please and make a statement that spring is near. Let us deliver this beautiful designer mix of premium spring blooms for you.

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