String of Dolphins

Size 4"
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This unique succulent is known as the String of Dolphins (Senecio peregrinus), aka Dolphin plant. It attracts a passionate group of fans, in part because it is rare to find. It's beautiful curvy leaves resemble a pod of swimming and jumping dolphins give it it's common name. The String of Dolphins plant is a product of cross-pollination of the String of Pearls (Senecio rowleyanus) and the Hot Dog Cactus (Senecio articulatus). When it thrives it can grow up to 6" tall.

Like it's "mother" the String of Pearls, the String of Dolphins can burn in direct sunlight so find a place with indirect bright light. Allow it to completely dry out before watering as it can get root rot if it is overwatered. The Dolphin plant thrives in San Diego's moderate 72-degree year-round climate so inside or out, it should do well. A perfect plant to hang given the trailing "dolphin pods" that will flow down.

Sold in the original grower's pot. Find a pot for your String of Dolphins from our online collection of pots and hanging planters. Given its relative rarity, it makes an ideal gift for the plant lover in your life who is adding to their collection. Grab a card from our online card collection and then let our drivers hand-deliver your gift and card for you.

Bright, Indirect Light

Not recommended for homes with pets.